Preparing HTML & Javascript for import

Import entire ad units or enhance existing Adventive ads with external widgets or embeddable code

Adventive's ad builder support the import of pre-existing ad code, widgets or embeddable code.  For simple code snippets, you may choose to use the snippet editor. For more complex builds, you may receive a zip file.  This article discusses the necessary steps to prepare the code for upload to ensure it functions as initially intended.




If Client already provided html zip file or Advertiser provided Tags please, see HTML5 Import/Code Snippet editor article here.


1.  Publish your files - convert Flash files

Publishing Via Adobe Flash or Edge Animate

Publish file as HTML -

In Flash make sure to uncheck Hosted Libraries to ensure required scripts and images are saved locally and use https protocol (if applicable).

In Edge Animate deselect the Frameworks via CDN preference to package the assets with the composition. 

Your .html file should look like this: 

Or this:

File structure should look like this:


Publishing Via Google Web Designer

Use the following settings:

Note:  If you have received files that have already been created and published:

For some odd reason, Google codes a 3-second delay into Google Web Designer ads built for the Google Environment.

Since this ad is already built, you can insert a code snippet override that will ignore the delay.

Code Snippet

<script data-exports-type="dcll-quick-preview">try{ studio.Enabler.setRushSimulatedLocalEvents(true); } catch(e) {}</script>

Just insert the code directly after the closing script tag in the index.html file in your zip package.

Helpful Articles + Downloads

Download CreateJS Extension

Creating a Canvas Document


2.  Zip it up

Create a zip file that includes the html and js files and image folder.

Make sure there are no spaces or special characters in the html and zip naming conventions (no #, $, etc.) as this may cause an error in uploading.

The Html file must serve over https not http.  The Adventive preview is over https. The browser blocks non secure files when the page is served over https. If the html file is incorrect, add the 's' after any instance of "http" in the file.

Note:  If an expanding ad, you will need separate Zip files for collapsed and expanded state.


3.  Upload via HTML5 Import/Code Snippet editor - see article here.