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Updating Inflight Campaigns

This article will walk you through updating inflight campaigns in the campaign manager.

Ad Creative Updates

When you make updates to creatives in the builder that have been added to campaigns, you’ll need to republish the campaign to push changes to live ads.


Third-Party Tracking Updates

You’ll also need to republish ads if any third party tracking is added to ads in a campaign. Adventive embeds third party trackers in the actual ad code (vs appending to the end of the tag), allowing you to update or add tracking at any time without generating new tags or re-trafficking.

Helpful Hints

Update third party trackers from the Campaign Manager, not in the Builder.  Once you have the ad in a placement in a campaign, you would replace your default url placeholder and any other urls/placeholders with a tracker.  Everything you do in the campaign manager will override the builder (trackers will not show in the builder - as this is one creative unit in the builder - this allows you to use the same unit multiple times in a campaign with multiple tracking).  You can Preview each ad from the Campaign Manager by clicking on the magnifying glass icon to the right of each ad.



If you’ve made creative changes or updated third party tracking to ads that are included in a campaign, a notification will appear at the top of that Campaign Overview:

Click the republish iconat the top of the page to republish all ad units that have been updated.

Alternatively, click the republish iconnext to the individual ad line items to republish just that particular ad unit.


Note:  Depending on caching, it may take up to 5 minutes for changes to be updated across Adventive’s CDN.  No need to export new tags.

Note:  Anything done at the Campaign Management level will override the Builder.