Adventive API

Gain programmatic access to analytics, integrate into existing dashboards or business systems

In this article, you will learn:

How to Generate API Credentials

How to Rotate an API Key

How to Connect to Adventive's API & Common Response Codes

How to Generate API Credentials

To generate API credentials, you must be an Administrator.

    WARNING:  API credentials provide unlimited access to your account. Keep them safe and rotate often.

    1. Navigate to Settings > API Settings
    2. Click the Add API button
    3. Provide a name for the API credentials (i.e. Google Sheets Connector).

    The system will automatically generate a set of credentials for use with your integration:

    Integration Key

    An Integration Key is a unique key, generated automatically, that is associated with a single app or 3rd party integration.  The integration key does not change can be considered the ‘username’ for the API.

    API Key

    An API Key is a unique key, generated automatically, is associated with the Integration Key.  API Keys should always be kept private as they act as the ‘password’ for a given Integration Key.  To change an API Key click the reset key button in the API Integrations screen within Adventive. 

    How to Rotate an API Key

    Rotating an API key is essential to ensure the security of your account. To rotate the key:

    1. Navigate to Settings > API Settings
    2. Locate the integration that you are looking to update
    3. Click the reset icon
    4. Click the "Click to View" button to access the newly generated API key

    How to Connect to Adventive's API & Common Response Codes

    Adventive's API endpoint is the secure URL which all requests to Adventive should be directed.  Each endpoint contains the API version for which requests are executed against.  Detailed documentation regarding requests to the API can be found here.

    API Endpoint:

    Request Limits

    API users are limited to 200 API requests per hour, which, for most users and, under normal circumstances should be adequate.  Should you require additional requests, please contact Adventive support.

    Response Codes
    The API endpoint will respond with the following response codes:

    Code Description
    200 Success (OK)
    401 Invalid API credentials
    402 API access not enabled for this account
    403 No data found for the given filter
    404 Invalid or bad request
    500 Internal server error (please contact Adventive support)

    Response Formats
    Adventive supports the following response types.  To instruct the API to return an alternate formate, ensure the format, as listed below is made in the call.  For purposes of this documentation, JSON will be used, however, replacing JSON with XML will return XML in subsequent calls.

    Request Format Description JSON array XML document