Configure: Responsive Width Delivery Group

Setup and configure multiple creatives across multiple devices with a single ad tag.

In this article, you will learn:

How to Configure a Responsive Width Delivery Group

How to Configure a Responsive Width Delivery Group

To create a new Responsive Width Delivery Group:

  1. Open the campaign in which you would like to create the new delivery group.
  2. Select the Delivery Groups tab, then click the plus icon, or click "click here":

    Delivery Group-1
  3. In the window, name the group and select the Responsive Width algorithm, click Submit.

    Delivery Group Modal

  4. Click themoreto the right of the Delivery Group name, and select "Add Ad Units".
  5. Choose any number of ad units you would like to include in the group, and click Submit.
  6. For each ad unit, set the minimum and maximum browser width (breakpoints) that each ad unit will serve within.  In the below example, you can see the breakpoints we selected.

  7. Once completed, return to the Sites + Placements tab.
  8. Create a new placement, and from themoremenu, choose "Add Delivery Group".
  9. Select your newly created delivery group.