360 Video and panoramic image

This article will walk you through adding a panoramic video to your ad.  The VR Viewer Component can be added to any type of Format.



Example 3D here 

Example 2D here

Also see more info here:



Once you’ve created your ad, click on the Components icon  on the left side of the builder and select VR Viewer (at the bottom).



A placeholder will appear on the ad canvas and can be moved/resized anywhere on the canvas:



With the placeholder selected on your canvas, you’ll see the VR Viewer Properties appear to the right of the builder. 



 Choose Image Type – Choose 3D or 2D from the dropdown. 

If “2D” is selected, the following fields will show for selection:


Asset File – click in the field to upload your panoramic image or video file (Image/Video will show in the VR Viewer Placeholder and will automatically Autopan when previewed). 

Once asset is loaded, it will show in the placeholder (you can resize, etc.):



If 3D is selected, the following fields will show for selection:


Disable Autopan – selecting this will keep the initial image loaded and the viewer will manually have to autopan the panoramic shot

Disable VR Mode Button – (selected as default) – if de-selected, a viewfinder icon will show (next to the full screen icon) on mobile ads:

  • Full Screen icon – Clicking on this icon will show the video full screen

Is Muted – selecting this will mute the sound and show a mute button so a viewer can click to unmute:


Add a Hitbox over the image/video asset if you want users to be able to click through to a url.

Add any other assets to the ad and Preview and Save.