Feed parser carousel report

Feed Parser Carousel Report


If utilizing the Feed Parser Carousel component, this report will show which slides were clicked and viewed.  *Shown by slide name. You can drill down per slide by selecting the slide you wish to view by clicking on the drilldown above the graph:

  • Ad Name –the name of the creative build in the builder/running in the campaign
  • Feed Carousel – slideshow number
  • Slide Name – name given in the builder to the slide (i.e. url from XML feed)
  • Total Views – total number of slide views per specific slide (both auto and user-initiated = total)
  • Auto Views – total number of slide views auto-initiated
  • User Initiated Views – total number of slide views user-initiated (clicked on)
  • Pagination Clicks – total number of user-initiated clicks on thumbnails
  • Clickthroughs – the number of clicks on the specific slide