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photo scroller

For a comprehensive guide on the basics of the Text Scroller, view this guide.

  Component: Text Scroller

You can also utilize photos within the text scroller component to create a vertical scrolling feed of images.


Take a look at our Anthropologie creative here:

Anthroplogie Photo Scroller

You will see a vertical scrolling bar on the lefthand side.


Now, let’s take a look at how this was created.


Within the builder, once you have added the text scroller component, as you did before,

Select “Open text editor.” 

This will bring you to the text editor. On the menu options above, select the image icon to add photos.



Or select "Insert" and click on "Image."


The “Insert/ edit image” window will pop up.



Under “General,” you can link to a photo on the internet.

We are going to go ahead and click “Upload.”


 Select “Browse for an image.”


This will take you to a “finder” or “file explorer” window that will allow you to locate the desired image.


Once you have selected the correct image, select “Open.”



The “general” tab will not show you the web address of your saved asset, as well as the aspect ratio. Click “Ok.”




Your first image will be inserted.

 You can resize your image immediately, by changing the dimensions and ensuring that "constrain proportions" is checked.

You can also resize an image by clicking on the image. You will see small square boxes appear on the corners.

*Hold the “shift” key while you click and drag to resize to ensure that the image is scaling proportionately while maintaining the correct aspect ratio.


You can use the alignment tools on the right-hand side to choose how your photo will be placed. In this advertisement, we have selected Left justification. 



Repeat to add and resize each of the images into your text scroller.


To add a link to your photo, click on the photo within the text scroller and select the "Insert/edit link" icon on the toolbar.




The “Insert Link” window will open. Paste the correct url into the URL section, and fill in the “title” field, and then click “Ok.”



*This title will show up when you hover over the image within the ad.



When you have finished adding images, and creating the links, click “Submit” on the bottom righthand side.


You will need to ensure that your scroller bar is placed correctly, You may need to click and drag the vertical translucent white line to ensure that it ends directly to the righthand side of the images. 




Set your final preferences for manual speed, stop on hover over, resumer on hover off, loop, and scroll speed.



When you are finished, click on the preview symbol (eyeball) and you will see your vertical photo text scroller, with links embedded.


When you hover over the image, you will see the description. Clicking on any image within the text scroller will lead you to its’ unique url. 


*There is no limit to how many text scrollers you add.

To see an example of how multiple text scrollers can be utilized within a single creative, view this Tom’s Ad example. This also contains shoppable links.


Double Photo Scroller