Text Scroller

This article will walk you through the Text Scroller Component.  This is great for medical/legal copy that requires IRI - Important Risk Information, sometimes referred to as ISI - Important Safety Information, and in broadcast, sometimes called the "Major Statement".


Once you’ve created your ad, select Text Scroller from the Components drop down menu:


You’ll now see a transparent 300x250 box over your ad unit (you can resize by dragging the corners).


With the Text Scroller selected within the ad, the Text Scroller settings will display to the right in the builder under the General Properties:

Text Scroller settings:

Manual Scroll – By default, text is set to scroll automatically. Selecting Manual Scroll disables auto scrolling, requiring users to manually scroll up and down the content. 

Auto Scrolling Options

Stop on Hover Over - Pauses auto scrolling if a user hovers over the text area.

Resume on Hover Off - Resumes auto scrolling when a user hovers off the text area.

Loop - For auto scrolling text, when scroll reaches the end returns to the beginning and restarts.

Scroll Speed - For auto scrolling text, the speed of the text scroll.

Click on the Open Text Editor button and the editor will show in the builder:

Enter the desired text:  


You can update several settings in the Text Editor before clicking Submit - below are some examples:

Insert an Image by clicking the Insert dropdown at the top of the editor:

Choose to enter a source url/dimensions, or choose to Upload an Image:

Insert a hyperlink by clicking the Insert dropdown at the top of the editor and choosing "Link".  A Window will appear for you to place the url, Text and Title:

Insert a Table by clicking the Insert dropdown at the top of the editor and choosing "Table" and how many columns and rows it should have:


You can make further edits to the Table by choosing "Table" from the top dropdown:


Other edits can be made to the Font, Font Size, Paragraph, etc.:



 When finished, click Submit.

Everything from the Text Editor will now appear on your ad unit:

Make any adjustments to the size of the scroll area within the ad and add any other assets.





Preview and Save the ad.

For a comprehensive guide on how to utilize photos within the text scroller, to create a vertical scrolling sidebar, see guide. Component: Text Scroller - Utilizing Photos within Text Scroller