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This article will walk you through adding a Tooltip to your ad unit.  The Tooltip Component can be added to any type of Format.

Once you’ve created your ad, select Tooltip from the Components drop down menu:


A red box will appear in the top left corner of your ad along with a white text balloon.

Change the size of the red box and move it to cover the area of your ad that you would like the balloon to show upon action by the viewer.

Next, type your text within the white balloon box.  You can also change the size of the balloon box.

You can edit the text font, size, color, style, alignment and apply a drop shadow, outer glow, or stroke using the Text section to the right of the builder.

With the Tooltip selected, you will notice a Tooltip section to the right of the builder.  From here you can edit how the Tooltip shows - the position, area background color, border color/size, and reporting label.


Show On Field:

On Hover - If you select “To Hover” the Tooltip balloon will show when a user hovers over the area you placed the red box earlier.

Click - If you select “Click” the Tooltip balloon will show when a user clicks on the area you placed the red box earlier.


Tooltip Position – Choose where you want the white balloon to display:









Test Area Background – you can change the color of the text background by clicking on the white box in this field and selecting a color and clicking “OK”:

Text Area Border Color – you can change the border color in this field.  Follow the same steps as picking background color:

Text Area Border Size – use the arrows in this field to change the border size:

Report Label – Click within the field to change the name for reporting purposes:

Click Apply to Save then preview to test.