Full Page Flex

Fully responsive, device and orientation aware format

A Full Page Flex ad format is fully responsive and auto sizes depending on the device/screen orientation.  It covers 100% of the screen.

This article will walk you through creating a Full Page Flex unit.

Example here

Flex with Slideshow

Full Page Flex Ad Unit
In the Builder, Create a New File, type in File Name, and select Full Page Flex from the dropdown. 


Select ad dimensions or click custom to enter your own.

Canvas dimensions for the Flex unit represent the safe area in the middle of the screen/page. This is where you’ll put your ad content. The rest of the screen will be filled in with a solid color, gradient or image file.


Backup Image – Any image asset that matches the dimensions you’ve entered will be displayed in the dropdown list. You can select one here or add a backup in the builder under general properties in the “Fallback Image” field.  This Backup Image will be displayed if the user’s browser is out of date and cannot support HTML5.

Click URL – The default click URL. The click URL is automatically applied to any area of the ad unit without an associated click or event action (i.e. buttons, hitboxes, expand actions etc.). Users that click on the fallback image will also be directed to this URL.

Click Submit.

Setting Up Your Canvas
A blank canvas will load onto the screen.  This is where you'll place your ad content.

Ad Properties (In the Properties panel to the right of the Builder)

Width and Height
The Width and Height of your canvas will be the sizes you choose from the Create New File template. You can change these at any time.

Opacity of the ad canvas

Ad Name
Click to change or update the name of your ad

Default Click URL
Click to change or update the default click URL. Choose to have the Default Url open in a “New Tab” or the “Same Tab” by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the “Open In” field in General Properties.


Fallback Image
Click to add or update your fallback image. This will open your assets, displaying only images that are identically sized to the initial load screen dimensions of your ad unit.


Full Page Flex Settings:

  • Mobile Orientation Lock
    • None - if left as default a viewer will not receive a "Please rotate your device" alert
    • Portrait - select if you want a viewer to receive a "Please rotate your device" alert if they are
      not viewing the ad in portrait mode on their mobile device
    • Landscape - select if you want a viewer to receive a "Please rotate your device" alert if they are not viewing the ad in landscape mode on their mobile device

      Example of "Please rotate your device" alert:
  • Background Image – click the input box to upload a custom background image (the asset manager will open, select or upload the image you want to use)
  • Roadblock – if selected, this will prevent the user from navigating past the ad unit – hides the close button for a set number of seconds
  • Only Show Once – select to show ad only once per day
  • Hide Close Button – if selected, the default “x” close button will not appear
  • Background Color – you can change the color of the background by clicking in this field and selecting a color and clicking “OK”

    *Color Picker - once you click in the Border Color or Fill Color box - you can select a color, type in the hex number, or click in the white rectangle/bottom left to bring up the color picker:

    Select the color picker icon and place it over any area in the builder of the color you wish to select.  The info and object selected will change to the color of what you have selected to match.

  • Gradient – if selected, you can choose a gradient color and rotation
  • Background Transparency - you can set the opacity of the background (0%=fully visible to 100%=invisible
  • Close Button Icon – click the input box to upload a custom close button icon image here (the asset manager will open, select or upload the image you want to use)
  • Close on Timer – automatically closes the ad after a specified number of seconds
    • Timer Color – click the input box to select the timer color
    • Seconds – specify the number of seconds before auto closing the unit
    • Show Timer – if selected, the timer will display at the top of the ad
    • Cancel on Engagement – cancels the close on timer action if the user engages with the ad unit – includes hovering over the ad for 2+_seconds

Save the ad.

Go to the Preview icon  to view the ad.