Pinterest Integration

This article provides instructions on how to integrate Pinterest content into your ads. 


Generate Embed Code

In Pinterest, navigate to the image/brand you want to use in your Adventive ad.

Copy the embed code from Pinterest. You can get the embed code by clicking the three dots next to any board, image, or profile in Pinterest and selecting Embed:

You will be taken to the Developer page/Widget builder:

Make your selections/fill out the fields, then copy and paste BOTH fields of code into a text doc to Save for later.  Example of Pinterest code (paste 2nd field of code right after the 1st field's):

<a data-pin-do="embedPin" data-pin-width="medium" href=""></a><script async defer src="//"></script>



Embedding Pinterest In Adventive 

Add the HTML Import component to your ad unit in Adventive and select the Paste Snippet option. 

Open the Code Snippet editor and paste the Pinterest embed code. 

Click Submit. Your Pinterest widget should now display in the builder:

Be sure to resize the container if needed. Use the Ad Previewer to test positioning and size for best results.

Tracking Limitations 
As Adventive is not hosting the content assets, we do not have the ability to track data from Pinterest embeds, including views, quartiles or any engagements with controls. This will need to be pulled from Pinterest as they are the host.