Combine a site skin or video wall with a hero pushdown or billboard, served up with a single ad tag.

The Takeover unit will load as a teaser with a wallpaper (two floating gutters on each side of the center contact area) and on click, hover, or timed pushdown content to reveal a larger ad.  The Wallpaper portion of this format can be either images, or a video wall.


Explore our Ad Gallery for examples of this format

In this article, you will learn:

How to build an Takeover unit

How to configure the Takeover units properties


Takeover units vary greatly depending on the site. Please contact Adventive Support to test prior to your first campaign.  This also applies to site re-design or if various pages of your site are set up differently.

How to build an Takeover unit

Below you will find a step-by-step process to build a Takeover unit.

  1. Provide a unique Name for the unit, and select Takeover from the Format dropdown
  2. Define your initial ad dimensions (or select one of Adventive's pre-populated options)
  3. Define your expanded ad dimensions (or select one of Adventive's pre-populated options).
  4. Backup Image (Optional) and Click URL (Optional) may be left blank at this time, click Submit

Configuring the canvas

The builder will now load the main Takeover canvas based on the dimensions inputted in step #2.  A blank canvas for the collapsed teaser ad will be shown as Screen 1.  Likewise, a blank canvas for the expanded unit will be shown as Screen 2.

The unit also included a default Expand Ad and Collapse Ad placeholders on their respective pages.  These can be deleted if you plan to apply auto expand and collapse actions later, or would like to utilize your own assets for these functions.  To learn how to implement custom screen navigation buttons, follow the steps in this article.

Configuring the General Ad Properties

Modifications can easily be made to the general ad configuration using the General Ad Properties panel on the right-hand side of the builder window. See this article for instructions on configuring the General Ad Properties. 

How to configure the Takeover units properties

The Takeover properties configuration options are explained below:

Page width

The width of the page content, set to 970px by default.  It is recommended to ensure this parameter matches the content width of the main site to ensure seamless transition between the collapsed and expanded pushdowns.

Floating image (left/right)

Optional left/right, floating image (placed in their respective page gutters).  When selected, you will be given the option to select an image and configure an independent click through for each image.

Image/Video Wall Optional, full page image or video which replaces the individual floating gutter images.  When selected, you will be given the option to select a source image or video and configure its click through.

    NOTE: The takeover unit will not display the gutter or wallpaper assets in the builder.  Utilize the preview preview functionality in order to preview your work in progress.