Action: Click to Email

Actions are single-event operations to trigger something specific to happen within your ad build. 

Any asset, text box, shape or hitbox can have a corresponding action set to it. Just select the object you’d like to set an action to, and the "Actions" section  will appear in the Properties panel on the right.

Email Action - The Email Action opens an email prompt easily allowing user to connect via email.

Select Actions:

Select Email from the dropdown menu:


Once selected, the following fields will show:


  • Action On
    • Only “Click” can be selected for Call actions
  • To Email Address - enter the email address
  • Subject - click into this field to enter a subject line for the email
  • Report Label – (optional) append a unique label for the Email action - will display in campaigns and reporting

To remove an action, select the object/layer/asset that has the action set and click Delete in the Actions panel under Properties.  * To Add multiple actions, select “Add Action”.

Save and Preview to test.

When you click on the area of the ad with the Email action, the below screen will show allowing the viewer to choose their Mail account provider: