Action: Open URL

This article will walk you through adding the Open URL action to an ad unit

In this article, you will learn:

How to Add Actions to an Ad Unit

How to Add the Open URL Action

How to Add Actions to an Ad Unit

Actions are single-event operations to trigger something specific to happen within your ad build. Any asset, text box, shape or Hitbox can have a corresponding Action set to it.

  1. Choose the ad format and dimensions of the ad unit you wish to add the Action to.  For guidance on building specific formats, check out this article.
  2. Once you have created your ad, select the object you’d like to set an action to. 
  3. Click the blue "Add Action" button on the right side of the builder:

  4. The "Actions" section will then appear in the Properties panel:

  5. You have the option to Open URL, Go To Screen, Open Adhesion, Open Overlay, Open as Full Page Flex, Open Sidekick, Call, Close Ad, Add To Calendar, Email, or Download File.

How to Add the Open URL Action

The Open URL Action directs the user to an external URL.

  1. Select the asset or object on your canvas that you'd like to add the Open URL Action to.
  2. Select Open URL from the dropdown menu:

  3. Once selected, the following fields will show:

  4. Insert the URL within the URL field:



Configuration options for the Open URL action are explained below:

Report Label (Optional) Append a unique label for the Open URL action, which will display in campaigns and reporting.
Action Single-event operations which trigger something specific to happen within you ad build.
URL The external URL users will be directed to on click.
Open In You can choose to have the link open in a New Tab or the Same Tab by clicking on the dropdown menu below the “Open In” field.

    Save and Preview to test.

    Additional Notes

        • To add additional actions, select the blue “Add Action” button above your previously added Open URL action:


        • Action 2 will then be added to the Actions Properties panel:

    • To remove an action, select the object/layer/asset that has the action set and click the - (minus) button located at the top right of the added action, within actions panel.
    • Clicking the + (plus) button will add a new action directly below the selected action.