Photoshop File Import

This article will walk you through importing a photoshop file into your ad unit. The Photoshop File Import Component can be added to any type of Format.

Before you import a Photoshop file into your build, here are a few key points to keep in mind: 

  • PSD files should not exceed 30MB
  • You will need to rasterize smart objects and merge clipping masks/adjustments layers prior to uploading your final PSD file
  • The order your layers are structured in Photoshop will determine the order your layers are presented in the builder.
  • Both hidden and visible layers will be included in the upload. 

Once you've saved out your photoshop file, create a new ad. 

Next, click on the Components icon  on the left side of the builder and select Photoshop  Import (4th down from the top.)


A window will appear within the builder, prompting you to either create a new folder or choose from an existing folder. 

When creating a new folder, you will be prompted to specify a folder name before you can upload your photoshop file.  

For this example, we are naming our new folder "Adventive_Assets." 

The platform will then validate the name and create your folder, and prompt you to upload your photoshop file. 

You can either click the blank bar directly, or on the cloud icon to upload your Photoshop file.

After you select your file, the system will process and analyze the PSD. This may take a few minutes.

Once the information is processed, all PSD layers (both hidden and visible) will be uploaded as assets in the order that they are layered in the PSD. 

PSD file order vs. Adventive Builder view:


Any layer asset with a checkmark will be uploaded into your ad build. You can check and uncheck assets before you hit the import button.

NOTES: Visible layers from your PSD will be automatically checked. Hidden layers will not. However, you can select and unselect them at will. 

Text layers will be converted into flat images, which means you cannot edit a text layer once it is imported. 

When you are satisfied with your layer selections, click the blue Import button.

By default, your assets will appear in order on the Screen 1 layers panel. 

You can now manage your assets on the canvas as usual. 


If you have any questions regarding the Photoshop File Import component, contact us at