Engagement Tracking

Easily integrate trackers provided by your advertiser or a third-party to track different types of engagement within ad units.

In this article, you will learn:

How to Add Engagement Tracking

How to Add Engagement Tracking

Below, you will find a step by step guide to implementing third-party Engagement tracking.

  1. Locate and edit the campaign you are looking to add tracking to. For more information on creating campaigns, see our article Creating, editing and managing campaigns.
  2. Go into the campaign and navigate to the ad unit that you are looking to add an Engagement tracker to.  Click the 3 dots to the right of the ad (be sure you click at the ad level):

  3. Upon clicking the 3 dots, the below dropdown will appear – select “Add Third Party Tracking”:

  4. The following screen will appear:

  5. Click the Engagement Tracking tab.  If there is no Engagement tracker currently placed, a notification will come up for you to “click” to add one (or click the “+” symbol top right).

  6. Select the Engagement Type.

    * Note - In this example, as the video in our creative is from Youtube, we've selected this as the Engagement Type. Naming conventions that were updated for Screens, Hitboxes, etc. in the builder will populate here
    (also see Screen & Layers article here):

    * Depending on the components and assets included in your ad unit, you can choose from a variety of Engagement Types: Screens, Video, Slideshow, etc.

  7. Next, Select the Action.

    * In this example, because we are choosing an action based off YouTube video engagement, we can choose from AutoPlay, Play, Resume Video Play, Pause, Mute, Unmute and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Quartile Completion.

  8. Be sure to scroll using the scroll bar to see all the different actions (Quartiles towards bottom):

  9. Next, once the Engagement Type and Action have been selected, copy/paste the engagement tracker into the “Tracking URL” input box:

  10. Click Submit in the bottom right – or, you can now add more Impression Trackers, Engagement Trackers, or Viewability Trackers.

    * Note -  If the tracker is incomplete/extra characters - a red prompt stating "Invalid Engagement tracking URL" will appear.  The platform will not allow user to move on to placing other trackers until it is corrected:

  11. To add more trackers – click the “+” symbol and follow the same steps (example below shows trackers placed for the Youtube video’s Play, Mute, 3rd and 4th Quartiles – if client provides individual trackers:
  12. Click Submit to Save.

Additional Notes:

  • You can add as many Click Urls, Impression, Engagement and Viewability Tracking as needed per ad before hitting the Submit button in the bottom right corner.
  • Adventive embeds Third-Party trackers in the actual ad code (vs appending to the end of the tag), allowing you to update or add tracking at any time without generating new tags or re-trafficking. 
  • If this is an update to an existing campaign, be sure to Republish the campaign. Click the republish icon at the top of the page to republish all ad units that have been updated. Alternatively, click the republish icon next to the individual ad line items to republish just that particular ad unit.

Updating Trackers/View Trackers

  • To make updates to Third Party trackers/or to view, you can re-select “Add Third Party Tracking" next to each ad and click within the field for the tracker you want to change or view:

For Bulk Viewing

  • When you Export Tags as an Excel file, there will be a tab at the bottom of the Trafficking Sheet downloaded file called "Tracking" which will show each ad's corresponding trackers: